IRI 2022

2022 IRI – Number 21!
We are excited to be back for IRI 21. After missing a few years, we are looking forward to great teams, great competition and great support for our local community through the IRI backpacks and Charity Auction. Details on what’s here and what’s not are below!

Charity Auction
We will be hosting our Silent Auction. Please bring your cool FIRST / Robot / Awesome items for donation, and be ready to bid on some great items. The auction will begin Saturday morning and end early during elimination matches on Sunday. Cash or Check is preferred, but we can accommodate PayPalHere purchases. Cash and checks avoid the PayPal fees.

UPDATE: Proceeds from the 2022 Auction will benefit Riley Children’s Mental Health and Behavioral Health program and help provide services to young people in need.

We ask all competing teams (any anyone else who wants to help!) to bring a backpack filled for an elementary student. These will be distributed to students in some of the most needy schools in our host team locations.

Team Dinner
We are not able to host the team dinner for 2022. Look for return in 2023.

Scholarships – UPDATE!!!
We ARE able to offer 3 scholarships for 2022!
2022 Graduating Senior
Team Must Be Attending IRI.
Student Must Bring A PRINTED application to the event, or have a team mentor bring it. There is no on-line option.
Applications are due by NOON SATURDAY JULY 16.
Scholarships are $1000 and can be applied to any college or trade study.
Sponsoring companies will make the final recipient selections.

Student Name, Team Number, Years in FIRST and Years in FRC, School attending in fall 2022, Field of Study.
A Team Mentor Name and Signature is required – confirming the validity of the application.
Response to the following question (approximately 1 page):
“Describe the specific impacts FIRST has had on your future plans (college / school / field of study) and what from FIRST do you see as applicable to your plans for the next 3-5 years.”

We will honor one IRI Mentor as our Mentor of the Year.

Please submit an essay (at the event) that describes your nominated mentor and why you believe they should be honored.

Mentor must be attending IRI With their team.
Student Must Bring A PRINTED nomination essay to the event
Applications are due by NOON SATURDAY JULY 16.

No changes to basic game play rules.
For the CARGO RP, alliances will need to score 28 Cargo. There will be more details at the Driver’s meeting.
Only regular season FIRST legal components may be used.
+5 pounds weight allowance – honor system – play fair.
No formal inspection, however a referee or event lead may request an inspection if deemed necessary.
Elimination Alliances are 4 teams. Teams may play / not play based on the decisions of the alliance captain.
Draft order is 1-8, 1-8, 8-1.

Location / Facility Map
2022 IRI Map

2022 IRI Menu

2022 IRI – Tentative Agenda

Friday 15 July
10:00 AM Field load in starts (No teams)
5:00 PM Team check in starts
Practice field open
TBA Match field for calibration and connection only
10:00 PM Venue closes

Saturday 16 July
7:00 AM Volunteers and host team members
7:30 AM Doors open for teams and spectators
9:30 AM Drivers meeting in the field
10:00 AM Welcome ceremony
10:15 AM Matches begin
30 Minutes (TBD) Lunch break somewhere here
6:00 PM 6:00 pm – matches end (scheduled)
Last Match + 1 Hour Event closes

Sunday 17 July
7:00 AM Volunteers and host team members
7:30 AM Doors open for teams and spectators
8:30 AM Welcome ceremony and IRI awards
9:15 AM Matches begin
Noon Matches end
Last Match + 15 minutes Alliance Selection
1 Hour Lunch break and Field Prep
TBD Eliminations begin
After Round 1 Silent Auction ends
Winning alliance and Finalist Awards
Last Match + 1 Hour Venue Closes for Teams – Team Load Out Complete
TBD Tear down complete.
The End

Team List