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IRI Live!

This info is from 2015 and will be updated soon.

The expected IRI Live! Guest List is below:

Andy Baker & Chris Fultz – IRI Planning Committee, WFA Winners, Mentors
Al Skierkierwicz – Chief LRI, Team 111 Mentor
Kaleb Dodd – Student, Team 1114
Tyler Olds – Mentor, Team 2826
Libby Kamen – Mentor, Team 1923
Lucien Junkin – Mentor, Team 118
Renee Becker-Blau – Executive Director, Indiana FIRST®
Jamee Luce & Jonathan Bryant – FRC Team Advocate & FRC Kit of Parts Engineer

The Indiana Robotics Invitational is excited to announce this year’s event will be the inaugural for IRI Live! Based on the pioneering work done by groups like the RoboShow, FRC Game Time, FIRST® in Michigan, FRC GameSense, and the Einstein Match Desk, IRI Live! will attempt to bring the home viewer into the action of the event to create a better home viewing experience during the Playoffs.

IRI Live! will begin approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the Playoffs, 1:15 pm eastern on July 18.

The show will be hosted by Collin Fultz and Danny Blau. Collin brings 14 years of FRC experience as a student, mentor, volunteer, and former FRC staff member. Danny brings 12 years of FRC experience as a student, mentor, volunteer, and current AndyMark engineer.

Together, they will highlight how rule changes have changed the play of Recycle Rush at IRI, recap alliance selection, and prepare the viewer for the Playoffs. Between matches, they will review the previous match and preview the upcoming match. During longer breaks, they will interview FIRST® All-Stars at the event to help some teams tell the story of their 2015 season.

The broadcast will be streamed via the FIRST® Robotics Livestream channel, the same channel that the Indiana Districts used for the 2015 regular season. As an enhancement for the IRI, the stream will be upgraded from Basic to Premium to allow sites like The Blue Alliance to embed the stream. The rest of the event can also be viewed via this stream on Friday (7/17) and Saturday (7/18) morning.

As we confirm interview guests for the broadcast, we’ll post their details to this thread.

If you can’t make it to Indianapolis for the IRI, we hope that you’ll join us for the first year of IRI Live!

2015 IRI: July 16-17-18,2015

  • Dates: July 16, 17, & 18
  • Location: Lawrence North High School, 7802 Hague Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256: View Larger Map
  • Team Entry Fee: $750 + A Filled Backpack
  • 68 FIRST® Robotics Teams teams from across the USA
  • Silent Auction for Indianapolis and Kokomo charities
  • Mentor Dinner: Thursday at Bubbas33!
  • Team Dinner (Friday evening)
  • Talent Show (Friday, 7:00 pm)
  • Scholarships awarded to graduating seniors
  • Mentor of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Winner and runner-up Trophies
  • Cool T-Shirts to Purchase
  • Some new, surprise IRI Merchandise
  • Minimal closing ceremony with no judged awards
  • A machine shop is available 1 block away, at 1024’s school, McKenzie Career Center.  See Jeff Smith for assistance on this.