Pit and Field Layout

Attached is the field and pit layout from AndyMark.  Very similar to past years.

2014 IRI Layout

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Preliminary 2014 Match Schedule

Attached is the PRELIMINARY 2014 IRI Match Schedule.

We will use this schedule unless a team does not show or we find an error.



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2014 Mentor Dinner

The 2014 IRI Mentor Dinner will be at Alibi’s Grill, 7381 Shadeland Avenue. This is just south of 75th Street and near the IRI venue.  We will plan to “start” at 8:00 PM to allow time for completing the field set-up and check out and allow teams to get set-up at the event.

The Mentor Dinner is for post-high school age mentors and is just a fun time to meet, greet and relax with other team leaders.  No reservations are required. Everyone pays their own bill.


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Shipping Details

If you are shipping your robot to the IRI, please use the following information –

Lawrence North High School

7802 Hague Road

Indianapolis, IN 46256

Attn: Jeff Maberto (3one7-4zero7-35nine8)

The school DOES have a loading dock.

If you are shipping your robot, please send an email to us and let us know to watch for it. Please include a shipping date / delivery date.  email: pc@indianafirst.org.

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2014 – Team Update

We have added details and new information to several of the event tabs for the 2014 IRI.

The final team list will be published soon.

Remember the Charity Auction and Filled Backpacks to support the community.


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2014 IRI Invitations

The Invitation List for the 2014 IRI is below.

For invited teams, please send an “Accept” or “Decline” to us by May 30.
We will not be sending a separate invitation email.
Please send your decision to pc@indianaroboticsinvitational.org

We will start sending invoices next week. We know many teams need these soon to get payments processed through their schools, so we will send them before we have confirmations on attendance. The invoice will go to the primary contact noted on the application.

You can pay via paypal or by sending a check.

This was a very challenging year to select teams. There were many, many very qualified teams and we made some tough decisions. We decided to keep the field at about 70* teams so that there was a good balance of the number of matches, the work on volunteers, and strong competition.

*76 invites and usually 4 – 6 are not able to attend for various reasons.

  1. 11MORT
  2. 16Bomb Squad
  3. 20The Rocketeers
  4. 27Team RUSH
  5. 33Killer Bees
  6. 45TechnoKats Robotics Team
  7. 51Wings of Fire
  8. 67The HOT Team
  9. 71Team Hammond
  10. 74Team C.H.A.O.S.
  11. 107Team ROBOTICS
  12. 108SigmaC@T
  13. 118Robonauts
  14. 125NUTRONS
  15. 148Robowranglers
  16. 175Buzz Robotics
  17. 179The Children of the Swamp
  18. 195Cyber Knights
  19. 225TechFire
  20. 233The Pink Team
  21. 234Cyber Blue
  22. 254The Cheesy Poofs
  23. 330The Beach Bots
  24. 334TechKnights
  25. 340G.R.R. (Greater Rochester Robotics)
  26. 359Hawaiian Kids
  27. 368Team Kika Mana
  28. 384Sparky 384
  29. 399Eagle Robotics
  30. 447Team Roboto
  31. 469Las Guerrillas
  32. 494Martians
  33. 503Frog Force
  34. 573Mech Warriors
  35. 610The Coyotes
  36. 624CRyptonite
  37. 862Lightning Robotics
  38. 868TechHOUNDS
  39. 910The Foley Freeze
  40. 1023Bedford Express
  41. 1024Kil-A-Bytes
  42. 1108Panther Robotics
  43. 1114Simbotics
  44. 1126SPARX
  45. 1241THEORY6
  47. 1318Issaquah Robotics Society
  48. 1477Texas Torque
  49. 1619Up-A-Creek Robotics
  50. 1625Winnovation
  51. 1640Sab-BOT-age
  52. 1718The Fighting Pi
  53. 1732Hilltoppers
  54. 1741Red Alert
  55. 1817Llano Estacado RoboRaiders
  56. 2013Cybergnomes
  57. 2056OP Robotics
  58. 2175The Fighting Calculators
  59. 2337EngiNERDs
  60. 2451PWNAGE
  61. 2468Team Appreciate
  62. 2481Roboteers
  63. 2590Nemesis
  64. 2614MARS
  65. 2848The All Sparks
  66. 2867ElkLogics
  67. 2928Viking Robotics
  68. 3098The Captains
  69. 3147Munster HorsePower
  70. 3467The Windham Windup
  71. 3478LamBot
  72. 3683Team Dave
  73. 4039MakeShift Robotics
  74. 4265Secret City Wildbots
  75. 4334Alberta Tech Alliance (ATA)
  76. 4488ShockWave
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