Rules Update – 2018

2018 IRI Rule Changes
Changes shown between the **, in italics, and underlined.

G05 – Don’t overextend yourself.
ROBOTS may not extend more than 16 in. beyond their FRAME PERIMETER. This rule doesn’t apply to a ROBOT fully within its PLATFORM ZONE during the ENDGAME. **Momentary, minimal excursions (approximately less than 3 seconds and less than 6 inches) outside of the PLATFORM ZONE during ENDGAME will not result in violations of this rule.**

G09. Launching POWER CUBES is okay, but keep it short.
A ROBOT is not permitted to launch POWER CUBES except:
B. When any part of its BUMPERS are contacting a FENCE, **either directly or transitively through a POWER CUBE**, or any part of the ROBOT is intersecting the vertical planes defined by the SWITCH FENCE, and it is attempting to place a POWER CUBE on the nearest PLATE of that FENCE’s SWITCH

ROBOTS may not control more than one (1) POWER CUBE at a time.
B. “Herding” (Intentionally pushing a POWER CUBE to a desired location or direction) is in violation of this rule. **This rule does not apply to a ROBOT breaking the plane of their own Exchange Zone.**

G25. PLATES are moved by POWER CUBES, not ROBOTS.
Except via the weight of placed POWER CUBES, ROBOTS may not directly or transitively cause or prevent the movement of PLATES **in a way that is beneficial to their own alliance (examples include holding a PLATE at neutral or through holding a PLATE in a manner which earns their alliance points). If a REFEREE or FTA determines damage is occurring to the SCALE, the offending ROBOT will be DISABLED.**

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