Rules Update – 2016

Rule Changes for 2016 are not determined.


Rule Change Goals for 2015

The IRI Committee has the benefit of seeing RecycleRUSH in action and seeing the level of play that can be achieved by teams. With this benefit, we are incorporating the rule changes, modification and additions as outlined below.

The intent of the IRI Committee is to minimize the changes to the game and avoid negatively impacting a team / robot / strategy that was implemented to play the game as originally designed, while also increasing the game challenge and level of play for the IRI. Our goals for these changes include: 1) Allow for high scores by minimizing the chance of running out of game pieces; 2) Minimize the number of match outcomes determined in the first second of the match; 3) Don’t invalidate an existing good design or strategy; 4) Keep the event safe; and 5) Don’t start a can-war arms race that encourages teams to invest significant time and resources into an ever-faster device to capture Recycle Containers from the step.

The committee believes the rule changes below meet these goals.

2015 IRI Rule Changes

Each Alliance is allowed 2 extra Recycle Containers, placed on their side of the field, where the Alliance wants. These Containers can be placed anywhere between the guardrails, player station wall and the step, but must be completely out of the Auto Zone. (For example, they can be on a tote, on the carpet, on the scoring platform, on another Recycle container.) The Alliance can also choose to not place these on the field and they will remain out of play for the duration of the match.

6 extra totes per corner (12 per alliance).

Yellow Totes can be used to make regular stacks during Playoffs.

No penalty for yellow totes that cross the step until after co-op has scored.
(Note: Intentionally pushing yellow totes onto the other side before co-op will be a warning, and then a yellow card.)

During the Autonomous period, the “Right side” (from the drivers station perspective) Recycle Containers on the step may only be contacted by the alliance facing them. After Autonomous, Recycle Containers remaining on the step are open to either alliance.

The alliance is allowed to adjust the Yellow Totes and Recycle Containers – as long as they stay within the taped rectangles and in the same “order”.

Slightly larger than transport robots can go on / off the field in “play mode” to save time if this can be safely done. The FTA and / or Head Referee may request for teams to return to the transport configuration for safety reasons. All robots must be a able to demonstrate that they can achieve the transport configuration.

A human player may contact with Litter that has entered the field as long as the human player does not cross the field boundary.

+5 pound weight allowance to allow for modifications, repairs, etc.

No inspection – however the FTA or Head Referee may challenge the safety of a device and may request modifications.

Alliance selection draft order is 1-8, 1-8, 8-1. All other alliance selection rules are unchanged.

4 team alliances.
All teams on the Alliance do not have to play.
A human player from the 4th team may be a part of the alliance in the match.
The Alliance captain must submit the driver station positions before the match.

Draft order 1-8, 1-8, 8-1

No change to Playoff structure, maximum stack height, noodle use, scoring values.

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