Rules Update

These are the slight rule changes for Steamworks for the 2017 IRI.

As always, our intent is to make small adjustments based on what we have learned during 2 months of game play and not do anything that significantly impacts design decisions teams made based on the official game.

For 2017:

Remove 1 pre-populated gear from the airship.
Why: Increase the 4 rotor challenge.

+5 pounds weight allowance.
Why: Allows for repairs and minor modifications without major work to maintain 120.

Draft Order 1-8, 1-8, 8-1.
4 team Elimination Alliances, No Back-Ups.
Any 3 robots can play any match.
Alliance determines driver station placement.
Why: Just because.

G13. Robot Contact in the Retrieval Zone.
This will be modified to allow contact in certain situations. We don’t know the exact wording yet.
Why: Maintain the penalty for blocking or interfering with gear retrieval, but remove the incentive to push a robot into the zone to draw the penalty.

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